“One day, everything was as usual. The next, everyone was talking about Human and how Chef of the Year winner Martin Moses was ready to step into the ring with the best of the Swedish restaurant world”

The quote is from the Swedish restaurant guide “The White Guide” and accurately describes the ambition of Human, the new fine dining restaurant of Swedish Chef of the Year winner Martin Moses, located in central Gothenburg.

Our task was to create a simple yet warm ambience that will act as a backdrop for Martin Moses’s cooking. In the intimate space, the counter where Moses composes the food becomes the focus point of the dining room. The counter is covered with cobalt blue, curved tiles. The color is also found in the custom made, movable pendant lamps above the tables, produced by Blond Belysning. The restaurant is enclosed in a neutral, warm beige tonality, from floor, to wall, to ceiling. The chairs come from a reuse initiative by Gemla, where old Gemla furniture is being renovated and passed on to new locations and furnishings. The restaurant has very high ambitions and the interior acts as a support for Martin Moses’s brilliant cooking.

Size170 sqm
ClientMartin Moses, Andreas Upper, Jens Hallberg
TeamJohan Olsson, Andreas Lyckefors, Joel Gödecke, Karin Gullbrantz, Linn Fredlund
LocationGothenburg, Sweden
PhotographyErik Lefvander

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