Lawyer’s office Morris Law has the stated ambition to reformulate what bu­siness law may mean. The guiding principles of the company’s values are concepts such as ’trans­parency’, ’efficiency’, ’excellence’ and ’mindfulness’.

Our interpretation of this was to create an open and social workspace without clear hierarchies. One example is the entrance lobby, which is surrounded by a wooden structure made of maple with shelves, mirrors, cork and brass net, acts both as a workspace for the employees, as well as a place to meet customers. Another example is the absence of cellular offices; designing all workplaces the same size and instead divide them with the help of wooden frames, which are also made of maple. Felt, mirrors and cork inside these frames create privacy and noise reduction.

The office of Morris Law is today a work environment without traditional hierarchies, where meetings between employees and clients are in focus.

TypologyConcept and Interior
Size1000 sqm
ClientMorris Law
TeamJohan Olsson, Per Bornstein, Andreas Lyckefors, Ainhoa Etxeberria, Emelie Johansson
LocationVallgatan 30, Göteborg, Sweden
PhotographyKalle Sanner

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